Members of Black Health Initiative's Love2Live project in Leeds

Black Health Initiative is a community engagement organisation that looks at inequalities within education, health and social care.

Based in Leeds, they run the Love2Live project, funded by the Trust. Through weekly sessions and activities, members build stronger social connections within the elderly African Caribbean communities.

Heather Nelson, CEO of Black Health Initiative, says that the project has been vital for many members, giving them an opportunity to meet new people in the community and build their confidence.

She said: “Thanks to The Health Lottery in Yorkshire and Humber, we are able to put a multitude of activities on from arts and crafts to educational trips and exercise. It is also about the social interaction that takes place, which just wouldn’t happen without the funding."

In this video, we hear from project members about the impact the project has had on them.

Love2Live is funded by People’s Health Trust with money raised through The Health Lottery in Yorkshire and Humber.

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