17 March 2020

We know that these are hard times for communities. We are committed to supporting you as best we can. We have set out some of the ways we can help here.

05 March 2020

People’s Health Trust was launched eight years ago with the vision of a world without health inequalities.  Since then, we have funded over 3,000 projects, helping over 550,000 p

05 March 2020

'Let's talk Holyhead' is a weekly group set up by local residents to help those who are struggling or have struggled with mental health issues.

05 March 2020

The Youth Enquiry Service is a charitable organisation which holds twice-weekly free music workshops for residents of all ages, through their project, The Edge Acoustic Band, giving them an

05 March 2020

On 8 March each year, the world celebrates International Women’s Day highlighting the social, economic and political achievements of women.

05 March 2020

English for Action (EFA London) are influencing local leaders to listen to their views and help shape policy that directly affects them, using their collective power to influence and affect

25 February 2020

Eight case studies of projects funded by People’s Health Trust are featured in new report on health inequalities in England, published today. 


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