Members of the Local People project in Tang Hall, York, supported by TCV

Hundreds of local people came out to enjoy a Winter Celebration organised by the Local People project in Tang Hall, York.

The free community day was organised after residents said they wanted more activities in the local area. The day included games, entertainment and fireworks for the whole family and was an opportunity for people to find out more about the project.

The Local People project in Tang Hall, York is supported by The Conservation Volunteers (TCV) and brings residents together to collaborate to reduce isolation, and empower the community to make decisions and take action that will improve both their community and their lives.

Rachael Nellist, the project worker, said: “We want the local community to have the power over what happens in their neighbourhood so it’s about listening to their ideas and then actually doing them.

“The steering group leads the project and one of their priorities was that they wanted more local activities for families, which is where the idea for the Winter Celebration came from.

“It’s great to see people who might not have ever come to the community centre before but may live close by. To see them come along for the first time and get involved in the activities is great.”

Residents designed and led the delivery of an annual lantern parade, through which they grew in confidence and developed collective control.

The project’s priorities include growing the number of community events, supporting older local people, and offering a range of childrens’ activities.

The Local People programme is a People’s Health Trust funding initiative which encourages communities to come together and take the lead in the design and delivery of their ideas. It relies on the wisdom, experiences and skills of local people and supports them to make the changes they want for their community.

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