Members of the Lunch Positive HIV Community Lunch Club in Brighton

Lunch Positive runs weekly lunch clubs enabling people to come together in a safe, friendly peer-led environment to share a meal, socialise and build supportive friendships.

The lunch club in Brighton is providing a vital support network for people living with HIV.

Gary Pargeter, the manager at Lunch Positive, tries to make the group as accessible as possible.

He explained: “Lunch Positive as a charity is all about bringing people together. It’s all about bringing people living with HIV together to support one another, based on really strong values of empathy and support.”

“We know it can feel difficult for some people, coming in to the unknown. People can drop in any Friday and we will introduce them to other members and make it easy for them to join in.”

Project member, Stephen, says taking that first step can be difficult but is very worthwhile. He said: “The very first volunteer I met on the very first day when I came through the doors made the most amazing amount of difference. The first person I came into contact with said ‘you’ve got here’. They guided me to a table, sat next to me, talked to me and included me.

“I was seeing hardly anyone at the time so being in a crowded room could have been very difficult but is was made very easy.”

In this video, we hear more from members about the impact the project has had.

The Lunch Positive HIV Community Lunch Club is funded by the Trust using money raised through The Health Lottery in the South East.

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