Members of Apna Virsa's Community Ambassadors of Slough project

“The project is about so much more than just activities, the classes really bring people together and help them make friends.”

Apna Virsa supports older residents living in Slough to take part in different activities. They have four sessions a week, in two different venues and see about 120 people a week.

Seema, from Apna Virsa explained that the project is helping to bring the community together. She said: “We have a mix of different backgrounds and the project helps members get to know people they normally wouldn’t. Slowly, they are beginning to gain confidence and speak to others.

“It is all about breaking those barriers, and that gets easier to do when you have a session with 45 people in it and they are all doing the same activity.”

This is the third project from Apna Virsa that the Trust has invested in, supporting local people to take control and lead.

The idea for the project came straight from the community who said there was a need for activities for older people in the area.

Seema added: “Residents wanted to focus on wellbeing, and like everywhere else, social isolation is an issue we need to address.

“The project is completely flexible so it changes as the members’ needs change. They are in complete control, we just help make it happen.

“People come to improve their wellbeing and in the process, they build their confidence, learn new skills and strengthen their connections.”

Apna Virsa is funded by People’s Health Trust with money raised through The Health Lottery in London West.

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