People's Health Trust at Pride in London 2019

People’s Health Trust marched in Pride in London on Saturday to support and celebrate the LGBT+ community, and continue to challenge the inequalities that still exist.

Representatives from three funded projects, Rainbow Films in West London, Transpire in Southend and The Centre Place in Nottinghamshire, joined staff from the Trust in the parade.

The streets of London were filled with colour as more than 600 organisations joined the parade to stand together in solidarity to celebrate the #PrideJubilee, remembering 50 years since the Stonewall Uprising. This revolutionary event took place on 28 June 1969 and started a series of events and demonstrations which kicked off the modern Pride movement.

Three years later, on 1 July 1972, the first official UK Gay Pride Rally took place in London. Pride Month is now an annual celebration of the LGBT+ community, promoting equality and raising awareness of injustice.

Up to 1.5 million people lined the streets to watch the parade, which started at Portland Place, near Regent’s Park, and ended in Whitehall.

At the Trust, we have funded over 2,900 local projects, many of which support LGBT+ groups and individuals so that their voices are equally heard and respected.

On Saturday, we stood together to celebrate the achievements of the LGBT+ community and to campaign for absolute equality for all in Great Britain.

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