Working skills and rural crafts

“The Greenwood Club is for people living with dementia and their carers, and people who are socially isolated or have some cognitive impairment of different scales. They may have had a stroke, have Parkinson’s, or early-onset dementia, and everyone is included in the club.”

Through The Greenwood Club, a project supported by Dorset Forest School, members are learning woodworking skills and enjoying rural crafts sessions twice a week, through which they are forming real, lasting friendships and becoming more socially active within their local community.

As one member says in the video below, “the group is so welcoming. Because everyone is in the same boat, people purposefully make everybody feel welcome.”

This short video showcases all that the brilliantly inclusive Greenwood Club does, and the real warmth that exists between members.

Dorset Forest School is funded by People’s Health Trust with money raised through Health Lottery South West to run The Greenwood Club in Holton Lee, near Poole, in Dorset.

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