This two-year project was a continuation of the activities that Promoting Roles of Father Figures was already running for fathers and their children. Families decided on activities during a monthly group meeting, such as camping.

Group of fathers and children on a hike

Stronger social connections helps build confidence, increase skills, and have a greater sense of purpose and hope, which we know are important first steps in being able to address other factors which affect health.

This project helps people build greater connections within their own families, neighbourhoods and within the wider community. This is done through engaging in ongoing activities, but participants are also encouraged to feedback about their experiences and shape future activities. Having an aspect of control over the direction of the project helps participants feel more engaged and grow in confidence.

The range of activities means more people are engaged in the project and people can build new skills. People also grow in confidence as they are given the opportunity to take part in activities and experiences that they wouldn’t choose to or be able to outside of the project. The project enabled fathers to spend quality time with their children, and help them to be part of a supportive community network for fathers.

The great thing about the project is that everyone has a voice and decides what we do. People are supported to build on their skills and gain confidence to take the lead. Some people have even found employment after building their confidence.

Rob Milligan

Project member

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery Scotland