Organised by MyBUS, the project provides transport for people with mobility issues and older people who are isolated. The project also supports social connections by arranging activities for members.

A woman in a pink jumper laughing while sat at a table.

Scoonie Sunshine Club runs a bus for people with mobility issues and older people, providing them with essential transport in an area where services have been cut and accessibility is an issue.

A lack of access to reliable and cost effective public transport can limit people’s ability to socialise, leading to isolation and worse mental health.

The project also provides activities for its members including bringing people together for a three course meal each week. Members help plan the range of activities that the project provides which include trips outdoors or to the theatre, games, crafts, and support groups.

By providing both a free bus service and activities for people to come together, MyBUS supports better mental health for its members.

“The effect on people is massive, and it really helps to build the community amongst members. People that come for the lunch club support each other.”

Mary Parry

MyBUS Founder

Funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery Scotland