Annual Review 2020 graphic

It has been an extra-ordinary year. Our new Annual Review highlights the ways in which health inequalities have been bought into sharp focus. It makes clear the challenges neighbourhoods experiencing disadvantage will face in these uncertain times. And it shines a light on some of the best neighbourhood responses to injustice.

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Sue Cohen, Chair of the Trust said “This year’s Annual Review is a demonstration of all that we are learning from the neighbourhoods and communities we support. It gives an insight into the work that is taking place on the ground to contribute to reducing isolation, building confidence, skills, knowledge and control, helping to reduce health inequalities - and is a reflection of just how far we still have to go.”

John Hume, Chief Executive said “It is clear that the work we are supporting within communities is having an impact: people feel more connected and they are organising to develop neighbourhood action plans to help tackle some of the stark inequalities which exist through Great Britain today.

We have been deeply moved by the way in which communities have creatively adapted to COVID-19 and the limitations it has placed on all of our lives. We have seen times of great sorrow as neighbourhoods mourned the death of many of their community members and we have seen moments of great joy as people have connected for the first time and brought kindness and compassion to others when they need it most. We have witnessed some of the hardest injustices this year and some of the best responses.

Our job is to continue to invest in great work locally; to support those organisations to demand change and for the Trust to call for changes to the systems and organisations which keep people marginalised and unable to live equally in Great Britain today. We will continue to listen to local people and support and serve them.”

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