Dovecot Memories Project, funded by People's Health Trust

09 March 2017

Roger Hill from the Dovecot Memories Project explains how storytelling can be a powerful way to engage and strengthen communities.

People's Health Trust is a Living Wage Friendly Funder

07 July 2016

A year ago the Living Wage Foundation, supported by People’s Health Trust, launched the Living Wage Friendly Funder scheme

Picture from Penparcau Community Forum - funded by People's Health Trust using money raised by HealthDiverse through The Health Lottery

09 June 2016

People’s Health Trust is working to reduce health inequalities across Great Britain and to help explain our approach to funding, we have created a short film – Taking Action Together.

Image from the launch of Healthy, Wealthy, Wise's memorial garden

07 May 2015

“Cyril’s Square used to be seen as a ‘no-go’ area by the residents of the Naylorsfield community.

05 December 2014

Local people in Princes Park, Liverpool, have created a wooden henge as part of their project to build a community owned space to encourage stronger community ties and local pride in their area.

19 August 2014

Young people from Deaf Active welcomed Shadow Minister for Public Health Luciana Berger and Professor Jennie Popay Chair of People's Health Trust to join them for tepee building.

This is an image of People's Health Trust's logo

10 April 2013

Project Coordinator – Alma Howarth, Play Leader –Susan Coppock and club member Rachel Downey (11) attended The Health Lottery Tea Party at Claridge’s to help celebrate £32 m


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