04 September 2018

In this piece, Julie from the Local People project in Thetford tells us why the project is so important to her wellbeing and why Mondays are a good day for her since she joined.

Basildon Soccability Academy

01 May 2018

Basildon Soccability Academy has been awarded a grant by People’s Health Trust using money raised by HealthStrength through The Health Lottery.

Local People in Southend, supported by Scope

08 February 2018

Steven DeViell has been involved with the Local People project in Southend from the very beginning.

The Rogues Shanty Chorus, funded by People's Health Trust, visited by Peter Aldous MP recently.

05 October 2017

A choir welcomed their MP to one of their rehearsals to sing sea shanties and find out more about the work they do.

06 July 2017

People's Health Trust is celebrating £90million being raised for good causes over the last six years.

06 July 2017

The passion of the sea has brought together four generations of a family - to sing shanty songs and pirate hymns.

Sea Shanties and Coastal Music of East Anglia, funded by People's Health Trust.

04 August 2016

The project was started by a group of people from Waveney interested in learning about the traditional music of the fishing community, with the help of local organisation Voice cLoud.


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