02 September 2020


29 July 2020

Housing is an important social determinant of health, affecting the quality, and even the length, of our lives. Housing issues often lead to people feeling powerless and isolated.

08 July 2020

The Local People project in Brighton, supported by Scope, works with local disabled people and unpaid carers to develop shared priorities, including raising awareness and acceptance of

Include Choir, funded by People's Health Trust

04 September 2019

The Include Choir are breaking down social stigmas and tackling mental health through singing, song writing and signing.

Disability Pride Brighton funded by People's Health Trust with money raised by The Health Lottery in the South East

05 August 2019

The third annual Disability Pride Brighton event held last month was a huge success, attracting more than 3,000 people.

Residents involved with the Local Conversation in Merstham

04 October 2018

Volunteers play an important role for Merstham Community Facility Trust.

Local People projects across Britain, supported by Youth Sport Trust

04 October 2018

The Youth Sport Trust has created a short film highlighting the impact People's Health Trust's funding has had on the communities they work with.


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