02 September 2020

Thursday 10th September is Suicide Prevention Day across the UK.

09 January 2020

This month, we’re highlighting how projects we fund are supporting the mental health of local residents. 

MaD Theatre Company, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

MaD Theatre Company is a charitable organisation, which provides drama workshops for young people and adults living in Greater Manchester.

Homebaked Community Land Trust, working on their 'HomeFarm' project, funded by the Trust.

04 October 2018

A group of residents have been working to transform a plot of derelict land in the Anfield and Everton area into a new community garden and hydroponic lab.

Ten Streets celebrate

04 September 2018

Local people's hard work was recognised as Claremont First Step Community Centre hosted its very first award ceremony in Blackpool. 

05 July 2018

Hundreds of local residents came out to enjoy a family fun day at Claremont Park in Blackpool.

Lancashire Lions - funded by People's Health Trust

07 June 2018

In this piece, Sheraz Chohan, resident and founder of Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired Sports Club, talks about why their project means so much to him and why it’s so vital to so many local


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