Hackney Volunteer Centre

10 January 2019

The start of a new year is a time for resolutions, with many people talking about what they would like to accomplish in the coming months.

The local People project in Brighton, supported by Scope and funded by people's Health Trust

10 January 2019

The Local People project in Brighton supports and empowers disabled people and unpaid carers who live locally

Survey results

10 January 2019

Thank you to everyone who took part for their feedback. The results of the survey will help us to continue to improve what we do and how we do it. 

Here are the findings.

10 January 2019

“Having a good environment is about hope, it encourages good feelings and positivity - and this is a key starting point."

The Local Conversation in Haverhill funded by People's Health Trust

10 January 2019

“When the forum was formed in 2014 we looked for a project that would provide a legacy for the residents of Haverhill South, something they could be proud of that would be there for y

Daniel Pearmain, the Trust's Evaluation and Learning Manager

06 December 2018

The What Works Centre for Wellbeing Centre has recently published some important research about participatory decision-making: Joint decision-making, co-production and meaningful community

UCAN Productions, who have released their own app.

06 December 2018

Young people with visual impairments have been working hard to provide a technical solution for making Cardiff Central Library Hub more accessible.


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