Member of Stronger Together project

08 March 2016

Local residents in Newham are working together to gain confidence, leadership skills and build relationships with neighbours from different backgrounds through the Stronger Together project.

Members of looking out for Lydd project

03 September 2015

A much-loved coffee morning and befriending scheme has received new funding from People's Health Trust - using money raised by HealthWhole through The Health Lottery.

Members of the Mobile media interactive project

03 September 2015

It’s lights, camera, action for young people in Stratford, East London, now that Mobile Media Interactive has been awarded funding for a new film and media training project.

07 April 2015

Residents of Rushey Green, South East London are helping eac

08 January 2015

George Wells, Coaching and Leadership Manager, Tower Hamlets Youth Sports Foundation, talks about Connecting Communities, and how young people in Tower Hamlets are using funding from People's H

Volunteers welcome David Lammy MP to help with the harvest

05 September 2014

Volunteers from The Conservation Volunteers' Green Gym in Tottenham, London, recently welcomed Labour MP David Lammy to their allotment in East Hale.

03 July 2014

More than 2,000 people went along to Rye Lane in Peckham to see how funding from People's Health Trust is helping local residents transform unused pockets of space in their community.


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