Lancashire Lions - funded by People's Health Trust

07 June 2018

In this piece, Sheraz Chohan, resident and founder of Lancashire Lions Visually Impaired Sports Club, talks about why their project means so much to him and why it’s so vital to so many local

North Manchester Black Health Forum

07 December 2017

“People didn’t seem to know their neighbours and many of us felt lonely.

A Local Conversation in Highercroft, funded by People's Health Trust

05 October 2017

In this piece, we hear from Mohammed Khan, from the Local Conversation in Highercroft about building relationships and the importance of partnership working.

06 July 2017

People's Health Trust is celebrating £90million being raised for good causes over the last six years.

Homebaked Community Land Trust in Anfield, Liverpool, funded by the Trust

04 May 2017

Homebaked Community Land Trust in Anfield, Liverpool, is using funding from the Trust to help them become an

Dovecot Memories Project, funded by People's Health Trust

09 March 2017

Roger Hill from the Dovecot Memories Project explains how storytelling can be a powerful way to engage and strengthen communities.

SingJam, funded by People's Health Trust using money raised by HealthForm through The Health Lottery.

02 February 2017

SingJam is a song and dance project for young people living in Gorton, Greater Manchester.


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