09 September 2021

A new report by the Chief Medical Officer has found there are high concentrations of chronic diseases and lower life expectancy in England’s coastal towns.

09 September 2021

People’s Health Trust has created a series of infographics exploring what makes us healthy.

16 August 2021

People’s Health Trust has recently moved to a new office. Our contact details including our address and contact telephone numbers have been updated.

05 August 2021

The Local Conversation in Haverhill South, funded by People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery East, supports people living in a neighbourhood experiencing high level

05 August 2021

The health and disability green paper consultation asks those with liv

05 August 2021

The Association of Community Organisation for Reform Now (ACORN) which is funded through People’s Health Trust using money raised by Health Lottery North East and Cumbria, act as a vo

20 July 2021

The Civil Society report on the state of race and racism in England should serve as an urgent wake up call to policy makers.


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