English for Action is funded by People's Health Trust with money raised by The Health Lottery in London East

05 August 2019

A local charity in Tower Hamlets, London is supporting migrants to help create an equal and fair society by providing free English classes.

09 July 2019

People’s Health Trust marched in Pride in London on Saturday to support and celebrate the LGBT+ community, and continue to challenge the inequalities that still exist.

Local Conversation in Lozells, funded by People's Health Trust

04 July 2019

Since 2014, Lozells-based organisation Aspire & Succeed has supported residents to create and deliver a shared vision for their neighbourhood through a Local Conversation.

Out of Character, funded by People's Health Trust

04 July 2019

“It has been therapeutic for me to present this subject matter through my character, knowing that audience members might relate to what we are trying to say” – Project Member

Royal Voluntary Service event

04 July 2019

Steering Group members from six Local People projects supported by Royal Voluntary Service came together to celebrate, connect and share.

Indian Community Association, funded by People's Health Trust

03 July 2019

‘Ek Saath – Community Together’, a project run by the Indian Community Association (ICA), offers daily activities and get-togethers for older residents in Reading.

GDPR one year on

03 July 2019

Just over a year ago, new data protection regulations came into law.


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