09 April 2020

Having access to creative activities can have a positive impact on our health.

09 April 2020

The places in which we are born and live have a huge impact on our health.

09 April 2020

We’re pleased to share some recent news pieces, shining a light on the work of People’s Health Trust and some of the fantastic projects we fund.

09 April 2020

When people have more control over decisions and actions that affect their lives, they have a better chance of improving and maintaining their health.

09 April 2020

Having social connections is an important factor that shapes our opportunities to be healthy and live longer lives.

17 March 2020

We know that these are hard times for communities. We are committed to supporting you as best we can. We have set out some of the ways we can help here.

05 March 2020

People’s Health Trust was launched eight years ago with the vision of a world without health inequalities.  Since then, we have funded over 3,000 projects, helping over 550,000 p


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