04 September 2018

In this piece, Julie from the Local People project in Thetford tells us why the project is so important to her wellbeing and why Mondays are a good day for her since she joined.

Join Scope Research Panel

09 August 2018

Scope is looking for people to join their new research panel to help make everyday equality a reality for disabled people.

Local Conversation in Govanhill

09 August 2018

"Confidence is growing within the community, people are starting to feel empowered to take the lead and make changes that are important to them."

Disability Pride Brighton

09 August 2018

The biggest celebration for and by disabled people in the UK has taken place in Brighton and Hove.

Catton Grove Centre Management Committee

09 August 2018

Thirty years after a mural was created, local people decided it was time to restore it, adding to the history and character of the community. 

09 August 2018

The Edge Acoustic Band made a video of one of their sessions, showcasing the power of music. 

Local People in Spon End

09 August 2018

Residents in Spon End are working to improve the local environment, including trialling new lighting to improve a local subway.


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