The new Living Wage rates for 2019-20

12 November 2019

210,000 people across the country are set to get a pay rise as the new Living Wage rates were announced.

Friends of Constable Street Field, funded by People's Health Trust

12 November 2019

Constable Community Allotment, run by Friends of Constable Street Field and based in Hull, encourages local residents to come together and foster community spirit.

Living Wage Week 2019

11 November 2019

Living Wage Week starts on 11 November and this year the Living Wage Foundation will be celebrating their 50th Living Wage Funder, Wellcome Trust.

MaD Theatre Company, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

MaD Theatre Company is a charitable organisation, which provides drama workshops for young people and adults living in Greater Manchester.

Craft fox cafe, funded by People's Health Trust

07 November 2019

Crafty Fox Café and Hub in Foxhole in Paignton, Devon provides a safe space for residents to build connections in their community.

CAST, funded by People's Health Trust

10 October 2019

October marks Black History Month in the UK, a celebration of the achievements and contributions of black people around the world.

Living Wage Places

10 October 2019

Relative poverty affects almost a fifth of people living in working households in the UK.


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